Traffic police crack down on dangerous tourist habits on Koh Larn

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To ramp up safety and spread awareness, Pattaya police have launched a rapid response team on Koh Larn, targeting risky tourist behaviours.

Pattaya police have launched a rapid response team on Koh Larn to boost safety and raise public awareness. This initiative focuses on the hazards posed by motorcycle rentals and golf cart use among tourists, aiming to prevent accidents and ensure traffic regulations are followed.

Traffic police officers have taken a stringent approach with motorcycle rental businesses, stressing the necessity of verifying renters’ driving licences and enforcing helmet use. Hotels have been explicitly warned against renting out golf carts to tourists. These vehicles are strictly for hotel transport services, meant solely for picking up and dropping off guests. This measure aims to reduce the risk of accidents caused by tourists unfamiliar with the island’s routes.

Traffic Police Chief, Police Lieutenant Colonel Phanupong Nimsuwan, stated that the primary goal of the operation is to enhance the safety of both tourists and residents by ensuring compliance with traffic laws and minimising accidents on the island’s narrow roads, reported Pattaya Mail.

“Through proactive enforcement and targeted education, we aim to create a safer environment for all visitors and locals on Koh Larn.”

In related news, a Pattaya City Council member issued a warning about the urgent need for tourist number controls and construction regulations on Koh Larn, an island now teetering on the brink due to its popularity.

Phasakorn Yusoomboon, representing Pattaya District 1, voiced his concerns at the council meeting on May 29. He highlighted the island’s daily influx of over 10,000 tourists, with numbers soaring to over 20,000 during peak seasons.

In other news, Thailand is not the only country in the world with badly behaved tourists. As Ibiza and Mallorca say no to tourists coming to the party, it’s becoming increasingly clear that expectations on travellers in the world’s most popular destinations are changing.

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