Bangkok police probe fatal motorcycle crash involving two women

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Two PR women were involved in a motorcycle accident, resulting in one fatality and one injury. Relatives doubt it was a self-inflicted crash, prompting police to review CCTV footage. A friend reveals they had just spoken on the phone.

At 12.37am today, inspector Witun Sangsa-ad of Rat Burana Police Station received a report of a motorcycle accident on the bridge over Khlong Jang Ron on Suksawat Road, Rat Burana district, Bangkok. Heading towards Phra Pradaeng, police rushed to the scene along with a forensic doctor from Siriraj Hospital, Rat Burana Civil Defence Volunteers, and volunteers from the Poh Teck Tueng Foundation.

The accident occurred on a four-lane bridge under construction for the Purple Line metro, which reduced traffic to three lanes. On the leftmost lane near the footpath, the body of Nichanan, a 28 year old PR woman from a Phra Pradaeng entertainment venue, was found.

She was lying on her side with severe body deformation and large head injuries, causing significant bleeding. Her shoulders were broken, and she had abrasions all over her body.

Nearby, Chonnikan, a 22 year old PR woman, was found injured. She was lying on the ground, experiencing pain throughout her body and covered in abrasions. First responders provided initial treatment before rushing her to Suksawat Hospital.

The Yamaha Mio MX 125cc motorcycle, registered in Bangkok, was found on its side. The deceased owned the bike, and the injured woman was the passenger.

Fatal accident

The accident occurred as the two women were heading to work in Phra Pradaeng. Upon inspection, police noticed scrape marks on the bridge’s guardrail and cracks on the bridge where flower pots were placed, indicating a severe impact. The footpath also showed signs of a strong collision, with broken concrete scattered about.

Virat Huisawat, a 40 year old volunteer from the Poh Teck Tueng Foundation, was the first to arrive at the scene. He recounted receiving a call about a motorcycle accident near Khlong Jang Ron Bridge, before Wat San, heading towards Phra Pradaeng.

Upon arrival, he found it very dark and saw the injured lying on the bridge’s footpath. The motorcycle was flipped on its side, facing KM 9, with visible scrape marks, Virat said.

“I heard a woman crying in pain. I then saw another injured woman lying by the grass, dressed in white. I immediately helped and called for an ambulance.”

Sukit, a 31 year old friend of the deceased, expressed disbelief about the accident being self-inflicted.

“From what I saw, it’s hard to believe the crash was due to the bike falling on its own. The impact was too severe. She wasn’t one to drive recklessly. She had called me around 10pm, but I missed it. When I called back around 8pm to 9pm, she didn’t answer.”

Police appeal

Sukit urged anyone with dashcam footage from that time to come forward to help clarify if another vehicle was involved. The police and forensic doctors have tasked the Poh Teck Tueng Foundation with taking the deceased’s body for further examination.

Relatives have been asked to bring documentation to collect the body for religious rites, reported KhaoSod.

Police have not concluded whether the accident was self-inflicted or if another vehicle was involved. They await the recovery of the injured woman for a detailed account and are reviewing nearby CCTV footage to determine the cause.

Relatives are also appealing for any dashcam footage from the time of the accident to establish the truth and ensure justice for the deceased and injured.

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