Overtourism may put Koh Larn’s future in jeopardy

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A Pattaya City Council member issued a warning about the urgent need for tourist number controls and construction regulations on Koh Larn, an island now teetering on the brink due to its popularity.

Phasakorn Yusoomboon, representing Pattaya District 1, voiced his concerns at the council meeting yesterday. He highlighted the island’s daily influx of over 10,000 tourists, with numbers soaring to over 20,000 during peak seasons. This surge has triggered a construction boom of resorts, hotels, and pool villas, alarming residents about the unchecked environmental toll.

“The sheer volume of tourists is putting immense pressure on Koh Larn. We’re seeing critical issues like water shortages, power outages, increasing waste, and an overburdened sewage system. Immediate action is essential to safeguard the island’s future.”

Phasakorn called on Pattaya City to devise a comprehensive management plan, including the regulation of tourist numbers and strict controls on new construction projects. His plea underscores the need for sustainable tourism practices to prevent further degradation of Koh Larn’s natural beauty and resources.

Acknowledging these pressing issues, Pattaya Deputy Mayor Manoch Nongyai pointed out that Koh Larn attracts different demographics: Chinese and Indian tourists typically visit for day trips, while Europeans and Thais often stay longer. He noted the island’s 4,000-plus rooms spread across various accommodations.

Manoch assured that the city is vigilant in monitoring construction activities and cracking down on illegal buildings, reported Pattaya News.

He also mentioned that Pattaya City is considering implementing a tourist entry fee to manage the influx better.

In related news, the dream of harnessing wind energy to provide a sustainable power source for Koh Larn in Pattaya has sputtered to a halt, amidst allegations that the turbines stand broken and idle due to insufficient funds for repair.

In other news, residents of Koh Larn breathed a sigh of relief as the Governor of Chon Buri, and city officials made their way to the island on May 7, bearing the gift of water.

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