Toddler’s query on sex ignites debate on when birds and bees should be taught

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A surprising question posed by a three year old boy to his father at a public gathering sparked a debate about the appropriate time for children to learn about sex and development. The man handled the situation with tact despite the unexpected challenge raised by his young son.

Parents often encounter awkward situations due to their children’s inherent curiosity. A recent situation unfolded when a mother and father were caught unawares by their three year old son who happened upon them having sex. The youngster pressed his father to explain the situation publicly.

According to reports, the incident took place at a social gathering immersed in lively conversation with his friends, the father choked on his drink when his young son blurted out…

“Dad, why were you on top of Mum last night?”

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The grown-ups around them were taken aback by the unexpected question and turned their attention towards the father.

However, the man’s response won over everyone present as he deftly navigated through the minefield. He started by calmly apologising to his son saying…

“I am sorry if we woke you, son. Mum and Dad were just whispering to each other last night. We didn’t think you would realise it. It’s simply a way grown-ups express their feelings towards each other.”

His gentle tone and composed explanation ensured the child was not upset by the incident.

Despite the father’s gentle tone and successful social resolution, some online commentators felt that preserving “innocence” about sexual matters, while laudable in previous generations, may unknowingly harm children in this era. For adequate protection, they suggested, parents should provide accurate sex education suited to a child’s age and developmental stage, reported Sanook.

In recent news, a video of a young girl clinging to the wall while watching television has gone viral. The video was uploaded onto Douyin, a Chinese social media platform. The action of this young girl was caught by her mother from a CCTV camera in the living room. For more information, click the LINK to read more.

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