Factory worker wins lottery thrice after monk appears in dreams

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A 29 year old factory worker revealed a popular monk have miraculously appeared in his dreams, leading to his lottery win in three consecutive draws. Sunan Santalap’s story sparked a wave of faith among locals, causing a significant number of them to flock to the Nong Kho temple in Ban Khai district, Rayong province, to seek good luck and avert misfortunes.

At 3pm yesterday, in the Nong Kho temple, a legend about Thao Wessuwan was causing a buzz among the locals regarding luck and misfortune.

The temple was crowded with devotees showing their faith in the popular monk Luang Pho Thong Suk, a revered figure in the Eastern region, and Thao, both of whom have statues within the temple.

Devotees flocked to pay respects to Thao, surrounded by red roses and red garlands, located beside the pavilion. Inside the pavilion, some of the locals were paying respects to Luang Pho Thong Suk, who was blessing them with good fortune.

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As for the lottery enthusiasts, they had to queue at the incense pot. Several people brought red flowers to offer to Thao, hoping to get lucky numbers for the upcoming lottery draw.

It was clear that the respect and faith they had in Thao were profound, as evidenced by the red flowers and garlands wrapped around his statue.

Factory worker wins lottery thrice after monk appears in dreams | News by Thaiger
The worker attributes his lottery win to paying respects at the Thao Wessuwan Temple. Photo by Sanook.

Sunan revealed that he had travelled from Map Ta Phut to pay respects to Thao and Luang Pho Thong Suk, whom he deeply believed. He braved the rain and wind on his motorcycle to participate in the merit-making ceremony today. He recounted his own miraculous experience of receiving good luck continuously for almost a year. He had won the lottery three consecutive times after making merit at this temple.

Sunan shared another unbelievable story that Thao and Luang Pho Thong Suk appeared in his dream. He used the numbers they gave him to win the lottery three consecutive times. He hoped that they would bless him with good luck in his dreams again, reported Sanook.

On the other hand, 31 year old Namfon Phromma, a market trader in Salanam Luek, shared that apart from luck, Luang Pho Thong Suk is also known for averting misfortune. In the past, many of his disciples who had brought their cars for blessing had miraculously survived fatal accidents. Regardless, this is the faith and belief of the locals who participated in the end of Buddhist Lent Day.

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