Health supplement scams sizzle online as FDA flags revoked claims

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has identified three health supplement products advertising overblown claims on e-marketplaces despite their licences being revoked. The products, found in advertising online, claim to control sugar levels, burn fat and decrease hunger.

The FDA today disclosed the results of their surveillance of health product advertisements on e-marketplaces. They identified three products: 1. Mix Oil Oriji, a food supplement product (Veeric brand) with the food registration number 70-1-27160-5-0205, claiming properties such as controlling sugar and cholesterol levels, fighting free radicals, alleviating symptoms of ageing, nourishing eyes, bones, nails, and hair, nourishes nerves and brain, helps sleep better, reported KhaoSod.

The second product is a food supplement known as Korse with the food registration number 13-1-12560-5-0044. This product claims to accelerate fat burning, reduce hunger, trap fat, reduce accumulated fat, and lower cholesterol. The third product is another food supplement with the food registration number 76-1-17557-5-0135. This product advertises properties such as easy fat burning, dissolved fat, perfect waist, reduced appetite, reduced snacking, transforming a pork figure into a slim one, no heart racing, no dry mouth, and no yo-yo effect.

Upon fact-checking these claims, it was discovered that they were falsely advertising the benefits, quality, or properties of food products, misleading consumers unjustly. They were not licensed and thus were ordered to suspend advertising and legal action has been taken against those involved.

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Upon checking the food registration numbers of the three products, it was found that they were revoked by the manufacturers on June 27, 2023, September 14, 2022, and October 18, 2021, respectively.

The FDA will continue to monitor the sale of these products in the market. If the sale of a product with a label stating a production date after the cancellation of the number is found, it will be considered the production and sale of counterfeit food.

Offenders will be subject to imprisonment or fines. Consumers are warned to be cautious in purchasing these products for consumption.

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