The 4 Traveller Tribes of the next decade

When four tribes go on tour...

Travel-tech outfit Amadeus has identified what it calls the four “Traveller Tribes” of the next decade – experientialists, influencers, memory makers and pioneers.

According to the Nation, Singapore’s Amadeus examined emerging traits, behaviours, and preferences, to pinpoint what travellers will want a decade from now.

Pioneers, more than 40% of all travellers globally and the largest tribe, live fast-paced lives and are always looking for their next adventure, according to Karun Budhraja, Amadeus senior vice president for marketing in the Asia Pacific. Four out of five of them will be between the ages of 23 and 41. This group is more willing than others to let sustainability influence their travel decisions and is very comfortable using alternative payment methods. They sound very much like most ordinary visitors to Thailand.

Experientialists, a quarter of all travellers, act on instinct and impulse. They prefer less predictable and more exciting times. Almost half of them are single and they have high-paying jobs with flexible schedules. They are likely to congregate in Pattaya and Phuket.

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Influencers, less than one in every six members of the traveller tribes, habitually use technology to make their lives easier and are concerned about data security. Tinder, Grab and eBird are holiday staples.

Memory makers take are here and there mostly for Facebook posts. They are older – 44% are over the age of 42 – but travel regularly. Instagram bewilders them.

Budhraja twinkled…

“For them, the future can be a frightening prospect.”

Thai tourists form themselves into the same Traveller Tribes of the next decade. Half are pioneers, 23% are experientialists, 15% are influencers, and 12% are memory makers.

Budhraja said

“The travel landscape in Asia Pacific markets is incredibly diverse. As the travel industry evolves, the Traveller Tribes report identifies what matters most to Asian Pacific travellers, such as sustainable travel or emerging technologies. Their behaviours and the values they seek in travel will shape the industry in 2033 and beyond.”

The 4 Traveller Tribes of the next decade | News by Thaiger

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