Thao Wessuwan draws devotees to temple for lottery luck and land sales success

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The revered Noen Sukh temple in Rayong was abuzz with activity as devotees queued up to pay homage to the Thao Wessuwan statue, believed to bring luck in lottery and successful land sales.

A popular retro music band was also hired to perform, adding to the vibrant atmosphere. A couple revealed that they had experienced good fortune after praying at the temple earlier in the day.

The temple, located in the Kaodin-Kaokhamo area of Thung Kwai Kin, was filled with dozens of locals who had joined the prayer service. The fortunate ones, who had won the lottery or succeeded in selling land, ended up forming a line to pay their respects until late into the night.

The couple, 34 year old Nopadol and 40 year old Yaowalak, had hired the famous eastern region retro music band, Ton Au, to perform for the Thao Wessuwan statue at the Noen Sukh temple. This was after they had successfully sold their five acres of land earlier in the day. They had prayed in the morning and by the afternoon, they had a buyer.

Nopadol further stated that he believed in the sacredness of the Thao Wessuwan statue, which he felt had helped him successfully sell his land. Despite advertising for several months, there have been no enquiries until today. He was surprised at the large number of people who had come to pray, many of whom had won the lottery.

Many of the locals who had come to pray won the last two digits of the lottery, 02, which was the number on the Thao Wessuwan statue. Several others won three straight numbers, with dozens of winners. They had hired traditional dancers to perform and brought offerings to pay their respects, reported KhaoSod.

Krisakorn Thanasrisuebwong said that since the lottery results were announced, locals had come to pay their respects to Thao Wessuwan throughout the day until late at night. Most were lucky with the number on the incense stick, 02, which resulted in dozens of lottery wins amounting to millions of baht.

He expected the number of devotees to increase as many others had won the lottery.

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