Thailand’s national park passports sold out, new supplies expected mid-January

Photo courtesy of Cullen HateBerry (Youtube)

The Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation announced that the National Park passports are currently out of stock, with new supplies expected around mid-January. Atthaphon Charoenchansa, the department’s director, revealed that the passports, which are used to record visits to various national parks across the country, are being continuously printed in collaboration with the National Park Association.

Originally, these passports were issued to instil pride in travellers about the places they have visited. However, a new campaign is currently being considered. For instance, within a period of one to two years, anyone who collects stamps from all the parks might be offered special privileges. This proposal is still under discussion.

Once the new passports are printed, they will be distributed to all 155 national parks nationwide, where they will be sold for 100 baht (US$2.85) each. However, on the Lazada platform, each book is priced between 250-300 baht (US$7-8.56).

The temporary shortage of passports is because of a new batch being printed, amounting to approximately 90,000 books. The director mentioned that the quick depletion of the passports might be influenced by the popularity of Jung and Cullen, who showcased the national park passports in their clips.

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Consequently, their numerous fans wanted to own one and visit the parks. The director affirmed the decision to invite them as presenters, assuring that they would not interfere with their natural ways of working, reported Sanook.

When asked about a meeting with both YouTubers, the director stated that their schedules have not matched up yet, but they are expected to discuss the working principles soon.

A National Park passport is a novelty item that has recently become familiar to Thai people, thanks to Cullen.

In related news, South Korean YouTuber Cullen HateBerry collaborated with Thailand’s national parks, boosting tourism through engaging content in stunning locations and cultural exploration.

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