Foreign tourists flock to Thailand, boosting economy

Foreign tourists in Thailand reached 9.4 million in the initial quarter of this year, pouring an estimated 454.6 billion baht (US$12.4 billion) into the national economy through their expenditure, as disclosed by the Tourism and Sports Ministry. This year, the Southeast Asian nation is setting its sights on an ambitious goal of 40 million tourists, almost equal to the pre-Covid-19 pandemic figures from 2019.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) anticipates that the 21-day-long Songkran festival celebrated this year will inject an additional 52.5 billion baht into domestic tourism revenue. The TAT expects that provinces in Thailand’s eastern region will reap the most significant financial benefits.

“The Songkran festival is not only a crucial cultural event but also a significant economic stimulant. The expected revenue will boost the local economy, particularly in the eastern provinces.”

Despite the ongoing challenges posed by the global pandemic, Thailand continues to demonstrate resilience. The nation’s tourism industry plays a pivotal role in its economy, and the latest figures indicate a promising recovery path. With the projected influx of tourists and the upcoming Songkran festival, the Tourism and Sports Ministry is optimistic about achieving its tourism target for the year.

“Our target of 40 million tourists this year is ambitious, yet achievable. We are committed to ensuring safe and enjoyable experiences for all visitors, thereby solidifying Thailand’s position as a top global tourist destination.”

As the country continues to navigate its way through the pandemic, the thriving tourism sector stands as a beacon of hope for the national economy. The projected figures for this year signal a potential economic upliftment, further underlining the importance of this sector to Thailand, reported Bangkok Post.

In related news, True Corporation, in partnership with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), has rolled out the True Nationwide, For Everyone initiative, aiming to offer benefits and privileges to both Thai and international tourists throughout their travel journey. This initiative aligns with the government’s strategy to establish Thailand as a major tourism hub by 2024, aiming to generate over 3 trillion baht in revenue.

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