Thai man’s arm severed outside liquor store after smoking dispute

Photo via Facebook/ ชลบุรี-ระยอง

Two suspects embarked on a barbaric act of severing the arm of a Thai man after the victim warned the attackers against smoking cigarettes outside his liquor store in the Sriracha district of Chon Buri last night.

The Sriracha Police Station received reports of the knife attack at the liquor store at around 8am yesterday, April 1. They met a 39 year old Thai woman, Daraporn, who informed them that the victim was her boyfriend, 39 year old Panitarn. He was rushed to Queen Savang Vadhana Memorial Hospital before police arrived.

Daraporn recounted the stabbing incident saying she and her boyfriend were sitting in front of the store when two attackers arrived at the scene on a motorcycle. One of them suddenly cut off Panitarn’s left arm.

Daraporn said she and her boyfriend fled the scene, hastily grasping Panitarn’s arm as they made their escape. She explained that the two assailants persisted in pursuing them, compelling them to seek assistance from locals along their route.

Eventually, a resident from the area intervened, causing the attackers to retreat. Despite the police’s efforts to track down the suspects’ escape route, they were unable to apprehend them in time.

Daraporn speculated that the attack was prompted by Panitarn’s earlier admonition to the assailants regarding smoking outside the shop, suggesting that this may have incited them to seek vengeance.

Daraporn recounted that the two attackers had stopped outside their shop to observe the aftermath of a motorcycle accident that had taken place nearby. While stationed there, they were smoking, prompting Panitarn to approach them and request that they refrain from smoking.

Channel 7 reported that the two attackers left their motorcycle, a grey Honda Sonic, without a registration plate at the stabbing scene and fled on foot.

Police are now checking security cameras near the scene to identify them and bring them to justice. There was no update on Panitarn’s condition in the report.

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