Thailand promotes OTOP products to boost local economies

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Thailand’s deputy interior minister recently presided over the opening of an event aimed at developing and supporting marketing channels for One Tambon One Product (OTOP) items, poised to enhance community enterprises.

The event, titled Community Enterprises: United in Promoting Thai Products saw the participation of Deputy Interior Minister Kreang Kalltinant, who was accompanied by several members of the ministry, alongside government marketing organisations.

Kreang emphasised the importance of developing and supporting marketing channels, promoting occupational skills based on local expertise, and valuing the use of local resources and wisdom in developing OTOP products.

He noted that these efforts aim to spread local knowledge and enhance the potential of OTOP producers and entrepreneurs, providing them with opportunities to learn management and marketing skills, aiming to generate more income for communities.

The minister also looked into incorporating modern technology, allowing OTOP items to adapt to contemporary trends, and ensuring sustainability.

The event highlighted the significance of managing production costs and marketing to expand the impact on community enterprises. The ultimate goal is to improve the livelihoods of OTOP entrepreneurs.

The marketing organisation prioritised its campaign to reduce, cease, and eliminate the use of foam food containers to create a clean, foam-free market standard known as Go Green 6G. This initiative aligns with the government’s policy to promote and support sustainable marketing channels and income distribution, reported KhaoSod.

The event served as a platform for OTOP producers to showcase their products, learn new business skills, and adapt to modern market demands. The focus on sustainability and wisdom ensures that these community enterprises can thrive in the long term, benefiting both the producers and their communities.

Meanwhile, the emphasis on reducing foam usage reflects a broader commitment to environmental sustainability. The Go Green 6G standard aims to create cleaner, more sustainable markets, aligning with global trends towards eco-friendly practices.

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