Thailand probes incident of Chinese tourist wearing Thai police uniform for fun

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Thailand Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin verified yesterday that the Royal Thai Police (RTP) is probing a social media incident involving a Chinese tourist seen donning the Thai police uniform, complete with a nameplate, rank insignia, and decorations. The uniform was worn for amusement, an act which the Thai PM condemned.

PM Srettha expressed his disapproval.

“That isn’t right, and [the national police] needs to do something about it.”

The 61 year old Thai prime minister also advised the Tourism and Sports Minister, Sudawan Wangsupakitkosol, to hasten efforts towards curbing the spread of false information online that could tarnish Thailand’s reputation and harm its tourism industry.

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The Police Education Bureau’s deputy chief and spokesperson, Somporn Sajjapoj, confirmed that an investigation was in progress. He disclosed that the uniform belonged to Jumroon Chaisri, a police captain affiliated with the bureau.

According to Sajjapoj, Chaisri lent his uniform to the tourist for a video shoot and claimed not to receive anything in return. Chaisri also professed his ignorance about the video being uploaded on social media until it sparked controversy.

Sajjapoj stated that an examination of Chaisri’s claims would take between 15 to 30 days. In the meantime, Chaisri narrated his encounter with two Chinese tourists at a shooting range located behind the Narcotics Suppression Bureau’s headquarters. He offered them a lift to the main road, 1 kilometre away, to help them find a taxi, reported Bangkok Post.

During the car ride, one of the tourists noticed Chaisri’s uniform and expressed interest in wearing it for a photo memento of their meeting. Chaisri agreed to the request, unaware that the photos would later circulate online. He insisted that he acted out of goodwill towards the tourists, contrary to allegations of receiving payment for the act.

The Facebook page Lui Jeen (ลุยจีน) shared the video from Weibo along with its translation. The footage featured a Chinese man wearing a Thai police shirt with a Thai officer standing behind him while he showed off his expensive watch.

“Hey everyone! Who came to Thailand and has the chance to wear a police shirt like me? I should do some business in Bangkok. Do Thai police wear a Richard Mille watch like this? We are on a mission today.”

Additionally, the Chinese man recorded a video inside the car with the Thai officer. Watch the video here.

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