Thailand prepares for onset of cool season as northern front approaches

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Thailand is bracing for a weather shift as a cool front from the north is set to lower temperatures starting tomorrow, signalling the onset of the cool season. This front, according to reports from the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD), was making its way over the region during the weekend, bringing with it strong winds.

The shift in weather won’t be without challenges, however. A southeastern wind is predicted to trigger rain and thunderstorms predominantly in the lower part of the east, the northeast, the central region and Bangkok, along with its neighbouring provinces.

As per the department’s forecast, the south and the Gulf of Thailand are likewise expected to experience rainfall. The department has issued a warning to fishermen operating in these areas regarding high waves and strong winds.

The cool front’s arrival tomorrow, November 14, will be moderate to strong, sweeping through the country’s upper region. This will be accompanied by gusty winds and the likelihood of rain in the following days. This signals the start of the cool season, slated to be fully established by Thursday.

The TMD predicted the coldest conditions to be felt on the mountain tops over the forthcoming weekend. They have also issued a health advisory, cautioning that the seasonal change could potentially impact people’s health negatively.

Residents in the southern region have been advised to prepare for heavy rainfall and powerful waves.

The department further added that this year’s cool season will make a belated appearance, arriving approximately two weeks later than its usual schedule. Traditionally, the cool season in Thailand begins by the middle to end of October.

In related seasonal news, the recurring smog season in Thailand’s northern provinces has sparked increasing public dissatisfaction. Notably, a 28 year old doctor in Chiang Mai, Krittai Tanasombatkul, who was diagnosed with lung cancer despite being a non-smoker, used his social media platform to question why the persistent PM2.5 pollution issue has not been resolved by the authorities. Read more about the story HERE.

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