Phuket governor strengthens fight against rising illicit drug use

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Phuket Governor Sophon Suwannarat recently reinforced the region’s dedication to combating illicit drug activity, asserting that the necessary measures are already in place at the local level to make considerable headway in this battle.

Governor Sophon’s reinforcement came in the wake of the most recent police report highlighting the state of illicit drug use on the streets of Phuket. The report is particularly concerned with the escalating use of e-cigarettes among the younger population of Phuket, as its availability seems to be rampant in schools across the island.

Additional data from the report signals a worrying trend of young people not only using but also concocting a more potent and varied form of kratom water. Alongside this, the report mentioned the continued prevalence of other drugs such as methamphetamine, ice, ecstasy, heroin, and cocaine.

Despite the grim picture painted by the report, Governor Sophon was swift to highlight that Phuket is equipped with stringent measures to counteract and diminish the issue of illegal drugs. He applauded the ongoing efforts of the police, resulting in regular apprehensions of both dealers and users, which he believes will eventually lead to a decline in the number of offences.

Special attention is being directed towards scrutinising the network of vendors who traffic illegal drugs into Phuket. This, according to Governor Sophon, is perceived as the underlying cause of the problem.

He expressed grave concern over the epidemic of e-cigarettes in educational institutions, a matter that he stressed is under stringent observation. This crackdown on the illegal drug trade is in line with the national agenda that aims for total suppression to ensure societal order and tranquillity, reported Phuket News.

To mark World Drug Day, a series of events took place in Phuket under the supervision of government authorities. The aim was to strengthen the global stance against drug abuse. Read more HERE.

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