Thailand plans 50 billion baht tunnel expressway in Bangkok

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The Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) announced plans to construct a 50 billion baht tunnel expressway connecting Kaset and Ngamwongwan. Public opinion on the project will be gathered and considered on July 13.

EXAT Governor Surachet Laophulsuk revealed that the third public hearing will finalise the feasibility study for the northern section of the Third Stage Expressway System, specifically the N1 replacement segment.

Initial plans suggest constructing a tunnel structure with a budget of approximately 50 billion baht. The route will begin at the Sri Rat Expressway-Ngamwongwan Road intersection, running along Ngamwongwan Road, passing under Phong Phet Intersection, Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, and Kaset Intersection, continuing onto Prasert-Manukit Road, and connecting the Northern Expressway Phase 3 Project, section N2.

This route will cover a distance of 6.7 kilometres.

Tomorrow’s meeting will finalise the construction format and gauge public support for EXAT’s proposal. Subsequently, EXAT will compile the feedback and present it to the Ministry of Transport and other relevant agencies for further consideration.

Thailand plans 50 billion baht tunnel expressway in Bangkok
Tunnel structure

Surachet added that the Northern Expressway Phase 3, section N2, which will be constructed from Prasert-Manukit Road to the Eastern Outer Ring Road of Bangkok, spanning a distance of 11.3 kilometres and will require an investment of approximately 16.96 billion baht.

Currently, the detailed study, design, and environmental impact assessment for both sections have been completed.

The new tunnel will aim to alleviate traffic congestion in one of Bangkok’s busiest areas, providing a more efficient route for commuters and reducing travel time significantly. This initiative aligns with the broader objective of enhancing Bangkok’s infrastructure to support its growing population and urban development.

EXAT’s approach highlights the importance of integrating public feedback into the planning process, ensuring that large-scale infrastructure projects serve the best interests of the community.

In separate news, villagers of Ban Rak Chat in Khon Kaen, have taken matters into their own hands to repair their deteriorating village road, which has become riddled with potholes and hazards, making travel perilous and causing frequent accidents.

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