Thai woman sues cops over search for drugs in her vagina (video)

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A 61 year old Thai woman condemned police officers in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok for their unethical behaviour. She alleges that the officers accused her of involvement in a drug case without evidence and injured her during a search of her vagina for drugs.

The 61 year old woman, identified as Pook, and her 35 year old son, Siraphat, asked lawyer Kiattikhun Tonyang to help them file a lawsuit against a group of 15 police officers, led by Police Lieutenant Colonel R.

Pook recounted that 15 police officers came to her home in Nonthaburi province on April 20. They claimed to come from the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) and requested to search her for drugs.

When asked for a search warrant, Police Lieutenant Colonel R said they did not need one because they were only searching Pook, not the house.

Siraphat asked to check their ONCB’s identification cards, and Police Lieutenant Colonel R presented his card to him. However, the card said R served Provincial Police Region 1, not the ONCB as he claimed.

To prove her innocence, Pook allowed the officers to search her body and bag but they found nothing. Despite this, a female officer ordered her to undress in front of other police officers and searched her vagina without medical gloves.

Improper conduct

Following their search, during which no illegal items were found, the police departed. Pook and her son felt the operation had been unfair and improperly conducted.

Siraphat confided in the lawyer, expressing concern that the police may have misconstrued his mother’s actions due to a previous visit to a neighbour whose son was involved in drug dealing. While acknowledging the suspicion surrounding this visit, he believed that the police should undertake more thorough investigations to gather concrete evidence.

Pook added that she was embarrassed to expose her private parts in front of others, and also felt pain in her vagina after the search.

The lawyer agreed with Pook and Siraphat, stating that the police operation did not adhere to proper principles. He intended to accuse the police team of violating Section 157 of the Criminal Law: illegally performing duties and Section 364 of the Criminal Law: trespassing.

Police Lieutenant Colonel R defended himself and his team during the interview with Channel 7. He claimed they received a tip-off about drug sales to migrant workers in the area, prompting them to search suspicious individuals to prevent drug concealment.

He explained that they did not intend to enter Pook’s house but chased her inside after she fled. He also showed his police card to the media, claiming that he was indeed a member of the ONCB and insisted that the operation was conducted according to legal principles.

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