Thai man accuses RTP police chief of scapegoating in rape case

The accused police officer, Thunpeerasit "Jae" Junpiphop| Photo via ThaiRath

A Thai man demanded 5 million baht in compensation from the Royal Thai Police (RTP), accusing a well-known police chief of being unjustly scapegoated and imprisoned for a rape he did not commit.

The 52 year old Thai man, Narin Chuekhomta, accompanied by his lawyer Ratchapon Sirisakorn, visited the Bangkok South Criminal Court on April 22 to file a complaint against the RTP and demanded 5 million baht in compensation for scapegoating him.

Ratchapon revealed to the media that Narin was arrested for allegedly raping a five year old girl in the Isaan province of Mukdaharn on June 24 of 2020 by officers from the Investigation Division of the Metropolitan Police Bureau (IDMB).

The arrest was conducted by officers from the Investigation Division of the Metropolitan Police Bureau (IDMB), led by Police Lieutenant General Thunpeerasit “Jae” Junpiphop, also known as Inspector Jae. Inspector Jae is well-known on social media among Thai netizens due to the active social media accounts of the IDMB.

Ratchapon claimed that Narin was made a scapegoat by Inspector Jae and his team. According to Ratchapon, the pictures of Narin and other men in the community were presented to the five year old victim during the police lineup. The girl knew Narin and identified him as the rapist, even though he was innocent.

Even after his arrest, Narin maintained his innocence. The Court of Appeal initially sentenced Narin to two years and eight months in prison. Fortunately, the Court of First Instance dismissed the case, citing suspicious police investigation procedures.

As a result, the sentence was later reduced to one year and three months due to the dismissal by the Court of First Instance.

Accused defends himself

Ratchapon added that Jae and his team also detained Narin in a police safe house for three days before the arrest warrant was issued, which was considered illegal. As a result, Narin decided to take legal action against the RTP after his release.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Inspector Jae defended himself and his team. He denied the accusation of scapegoating Narin and insisted that he had arrested Narin in accordance with legal procedures. Jae also sued Ratchapon for defamation in Sections 326 and 328 of the Criminal Law.

“I decided to take legal action this time to protect my reputation. I work every day to protect people. If I cannot even protect myself, how can I protect others? If me and my team really took the suspect to the safe house as the lawyer mentioned, why don’t you advise your client to sue me for illegal detention if such actions occurred? Legal knowledge is required if you are a lawyer.

Kom Chad Luek reported today, April 23, that the mother of the five year old victim filed a complaint at Koktoom Police Station in Mukdaharn on February 6 that Narin and his lawyer Ratchapon threatened her to change her testimony in court.

The mother alleged that Narin and Ratchapon wanted 5 million baht in compensation from the RTP and promised to share it with her if she went along with their plan but she refused. This prompted Narin and Ratchapon to threaten her.

The mother told Narin and Ratchapon to stop. She said she believed in karma and hoped Narin would be punished for what he had done.

According to reports on several Thai media outlets, Narin was also one of the suspects in the unsolved murder case of a three year old girl named Chompoo in the Mukdaharn province.

Police accused of scapegoating

Narin Chuekhomta and his lawyer Ratchapon Sirisakorn | Photo via Nation TV

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