Thai woman claims reincarnation of past life as great-grandmother

Photo via TikTok/ @prince_2424

A Thai woman took to TikTok to share that she is the reincarnation of her great-grandmother, who died 43 years ago.

The woman, Pornnubphan, also known as Prince, shared a picture of herself holding a photo of her great-grandmother, On Phumchan, on her TikTok account, @prince_2424, on June 14. Her picture garnered attention from many Thai TikTok users, receiving more than 190,000 shares, 2,400 comments, and 16,000 likes.

Prince revealed her story in the video caption.

“Nearly lost a chance to be born! Not many people will have a chance to take a picture of themselves from their past life like I can. Follow me if you want to know more of the story.”

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Prince later gave an interview with Channel 8 about her reincarnation and her past life. She revealed that her great-grandmother, On, died in 1981, about 43 years ago.

Multiple factors made Prince believe she is the reincarnation of On. When Prince’s mother was pregnant, she dreamt of On, and On told her that she would come back as her daughter. In the dream, On added that her friend named Nuan would also be reincarnated as her daughter.

During the pregnancy, Prince’s mother was able to contact On in several ways. On sometimes possessed family members or neighbours who displayed behaviours and gestures similar to On’s when she was alive.


Prince went on to explain that another thing that made her believe in her reincarnation was two birthmarks on her bottom. On’s relative made marks on her back after her death, so Prince believes that the marks appeared on her at birth.

Prince managed to recall some parts of her past life when she was four years old. She realised that she was On, and pictures of her past life sometimes popped up in her head.

Prince said she visited a temple near her home and encountered a relic storage of On’s husband, Jandee Phumchan, at the graveyard. She immediately cried in front of the storage without reason and felt sadness for his death as she had never felt before. She believed this was On’s feeling.

Prince added that she did not have scientific evidence to prove the beliefs of her and her family. However, they believed in reincarnation and did not share the story on social media for attention. She and her family respected people who did not believe in it.

Many Thai TikTok users commented under the post that they believed Prince’s story and wanted her to clarify more details in the next videos. Some shared their own stories, saying they managed to recall their past lives just as Prince does. One woman came forward to share her reincarnation experience.

“I can recall my past life as well. I was a mistress in my past life, and my lover and his wife reincarnated as my parents. My lover and I joined hands to murder his legal wife in the past life.”

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