Man believes his pet python is a reincarnated naga and brings it to temple for blessings

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At the extraordinary Tham Tararam Temple in Rayong’s city district, an intriguing event occurred, leaving visitors in awe. A 52 year old man named Prasert, known for his extraordinary talents in driving his soil-covered vehicle, came to the temple to make merit with his snake friend, attracting the attention of other individuals as well.

Prasert explained that his 2 year old python, named “Jeejee,” had inspired him to visit the temple today. The snake, which he has cared for from a young age, is believed to be a reincarnation of a mythical serpent, the naga. Today, Jeejee shed its skin, and Prasert wanted a monk to bless the snake as a token of goodwill. Furthermore, Prasert pointed to a series of numbers on the snake’s skin, which included 0, 1, and 8, which he believed would bring good fortune to himself, depending on how others may perceive them.

Phra Chaiyayos Akkijano, the temple abbot’s assistant, who had also performed the blessing ceremony for Jeejee, told that this was not the first time a snake had come to the temple. Just a few days ago, a large python measuring over 2 meters long had entered the temple’s main hall dedicated to the White Buddha. It was well known amongst the monks and devotees who had encountered the snake that it came to the temple 2-3 times a year like clockwork.

Nonetheless, Prasert said that if someone would not believe him and considered him insane, it would not bother him. As a devoted believer himself, Prasert felt connected to this particular snake and felt it had guided him to pay homage to the monks at this temple. In addition, Prasert showed his new identity card, which featured his latest self-chosen surname, “Spirit Whisperer,” a name that his fellow villagers had come up with for him. Alongside seeking blessings for Jeejee, Prasert also brought his new identity card to the temple for the monk to bless.

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This extraordinary event at Tham Tararam Temple certainly left a lasting impression on visitors, affirming the strong connection and beliefs that some people have with animals, particularly snakes. Regardless of whether one believes in these spiritual connections or not, it is undeniable that such occurrences can leave a lasting impact on a community and attract attention from many.

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