Thai police chief revamps recruitment after promotion scandal

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In response to concerns over the rapid promotion of a young female police officer and the involvement of high-profile individuals and celebrities in the commissioned officer application process, Thailand’s national police chief, General Damrongsak Kittiprapas, ordered amendments to the recruitment procedure.

National police spokesperson Lieutenant General Archayon Kraithong stated that General Damrongsak has instructed Lieutenant General Kittirat Phanphet to establish a panel to revise the regulations regarding the admission and advancement of commissioned police officers.

Lt. Gen. Archayon said…

“The eligibility for commissioned officers will have to be transparent. The recruitment must meet police divisions’ demands, and the force will offer more places for commissioned officers to police who are non-commissioned.”

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The panel will also examine police-certified training courses that allow non-commissioned officers to be promoted to commissioned officers upon completion. According to Lt. Gen. Archayon, the 17-week training course was initially intended for children of deceased commissioned officers who wished to become eligible for such positions. The course is also available to individuals from various fields whose skills are sought after by the police force, Bangkok Post reported.

A Facebook page named ‘Phuen Tamruat’ recently highlighted the case of a woman who began as a police lance corporal in late 2021, and was promoted to sub-lieutenant just two months later. The woman thought to be in her 20s, became a lieutenant in June of last year and was promoted to captain earlier this month.

Former politician Chuwit Kamolvisit also shared on Facebook about another young woman who experienced an unusually rapid rise in rank. He noted that her luxurious lifestyle and frequent international travel could not be supported by a police salary alone.

Move Forward Party (MFP) spokesman Rangsiman Rome announced that the MFP will investigate the eligibility of those enrolled in the training course. Rangsiman is currently examining lists from previous years to gather evidence of alleged bribery and corruption in the atypical recruitment of commissioned officers.

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