Ex-beauty queen’s rapid Thai police promotion sparks patronage investigation call

Pol. Lt. Gen. Archayon Kraithong, says promotion of the female police officer is strictly in line with RTP requirements. Photo Courtesy of Bangkok Post

A former beauty pageant contestant’s rapid ascent through the ranks of the Thai police force has sparked concerns over potential patronage and corruption. The individual in question reportedly rose from police lance corporal to police captain in under two years, prompting calls for an investigation into the matter.

A post on the “Phuen Tamruat” Facebook page highlighted the issue, stating that numerous civilians, including high-profile individuals and celebrities, become commissioned police officers after completing a 17-week training course. The post detailed the rapid promotion of a female civilian who joined the force as a police lance corporal in late 2021 and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a police captain earlier this month.

The Facebook post called on Move Forward Party spokesperson Rangsiman Rome to push for a formal investigation into alleged patronage within the police force and misuse of the training course. Rome responded, explaining that the course was initially designed for training civilians who qualify to become commissioned officers, with many of them coming from well-known families. He is currently examining previous years’ lists to gather evidence of potential bribery and corruption in the recruitment of commissioned officers, reported Bangkok Post.

Rome pointed out that while many low-ranking officers struggle to become commissioned officers, these civilians pass the course instantly. Pol. Lt. Gen. Archayon Kraithong, the spokesman for the national police, defended the promotion of the female officer, stating that it was strictly in line with Royal Thai Police requirements.

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