Thai military chief disclaims use of Thailand arsenals in Myanmar

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Thailand’s military chief denied that the Thai military arsenal was supplied to Myanmar rebel forces.

In a bid to clarify the situation, General Jaroenchai Hintao firmly refutes allegations tying Thailand’s military to the arsenal fuelling rebel fighters across the Myanmar border. Insisting on the integrity of Thailand’s defence, General Jaroenchai outlines rigorous measures in place to safeguard against illicit weapon transfers.

“Each time there is concern over arms trafficking activities, investigations have consistently shown that the weapons did not come from [Thai] military forces.”

Acknowledging the humanitarian crisis stemming from Myanmar’s military conscription drive, Jaroenchai underscores collaborative efforts to aid displaced citizens. Yet, amidst the goodwill gestures, Thailand remains resolute in its commitment to staunch border security, reported The Nation.

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As tensions escalate, Thailand’s border defence forces are poised to combat illicit activities, including drug trafficking and arms smuggling. However, General Jaroenchai concedes the complexity of the Myanmar border situation, affirming the military’s dual role in upholding order and safeguarding human rights.

In related news, Thailand’s plan to provide humanitarian aid to displaced persons within Myanmar earned praise from the chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Noppadon Pattama. Noppadon emphasised the urgency for the current Srettha Thavisin government to step up its efforts in resolving the conflict in Myanmar.

In other news, a violent altercation in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit area led to the death of a 53 year old Myanmar businessman in the early hours of this morning. The incident occurred at 1.30am on Wednesday, February 14, in a room in a Sukhumvit Soi 4 mansion, where the victim, Kayo Seya, was found with multiple injuries and significant blood loss.

The businessman was reportedly involved in a foreign currency exchange business with two associates, William and John, two Cameroon men believed to be Scottish nationals. During a heated dispute, the victim’s mother attempted to intervene and was knocked unconscious.

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