Myanmar businessman killed over black money deal in Bangkok

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A violent altercation in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit area led to the death of a 53 year old Myanmar businessman in the early hours of this morning. The incident occurred at 1.30am today, February 14, in a room in a Sukhumvit Soi 4 mansion, where the victim, Kayo Seya, was found with multiple injuries and significant blood loss.

The businessman was reportedly involved in a foreign currency exchange business with two associates, William and John, a Scottish man. During a heated dispute, the victim’s mother attempted to intervene and was knocked unconscious.

When she regained consciousness, she discovered her son had been fatally injured. Additionally, it was reported that 5 million baht in cash was missing from the room. The police and forensic teams are investigating the crime scene and seized a mysterious suitcase and the safe purchased for black money transactions. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage is being reviewed to track down the two suspects, with immigration officials alerted to prevent their escape.

The scene at the 23rd-floor apartment was grim, with the victim lying amidst a pool of blood, his injuries indicating a brutal attack. Police, forensic experts, and medical examiners from Chulalongkorn Hospital immediately swarmed the site to gather evidence and piece together the events leading to Seya’s death, reported KhaoSod.

The dispute unfolded after business discussions near Wat Phraya Krai, where Seya had been joined by his business partners, William and John. However, the business talks took a dark turn in the apartment, escalating into a physical confrontation. The victim’s mother witnessed the altercation and tried to defuse the situation, only to be struck down, losing consciousness. Upon waking, she found her son lifeless and the room in disarray.

Police were alerted by the mansion staff after the mother’s desperate plea for help. The initial theory suggests that the victim, growing suspicious of the black money deal involving a chemical solution and a safe, demanded his money back, resulting in a deadly confrontation.

As the police delve deeper into the case, they have yet to find any weapons at the scene, suggesting that the fatal injuries may have been caused by blunt force trauma. A mysterious suitcase and the safe, central to the black money scheme, have been confiscated for further examination.

The ongoing investigation is now focusing on reviewing CCTV footage to locate William and John, while immigration officers have been put on high alert to thwart any attempt by the suspects to flee the country.

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