Thai man warns locals about perverted ladyboy while fishing

Photo by นายปาเกียว' พเนจร via Facebook group/ กลุ่มคนชอบตกปลาช่อน(ข้างทาง)

A Thai man warned locals about a ladyboy he encountered while fishing at the Kok River in the northern province of Chiang Rai. The transwoman appeared naked, offered sex, and masturbated in front of him.

The 35 year old Thai man shared pictures of the naked ladyboy on a Facebook group of local fishers in Chiang Rai.

“Losing another fishing spot. I encountered a naked ladyboy. She called me over to her and even approached me. No time to waste. I immediately ran away!”

The man later recounted the encounter with the ladyboy to MGR Online, stating that he went to the Kok River bank near the Chiang Rai Provincial Hall on March 26 for a spot of fishing. While he was fishing, a grey SUV arrived at the scene and parked about 20 to 30 meters away from him.

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The ladyboy exited the car and stared at him. He initially thought the transwoman was a fisher and decided to pack his things to move to another spot because more people scare away the fish.

Unexpectedly, the ladyboy gradually removed her clothes until she was naked and then walked toward him. He initially thought she was a woman but realised she was a ladyboy when she came closer.

According to the man, the ladyboy was masturbating while walking towards him. She beckoned him to come to her and made a heart sign with her finger to him. The man stated he was frightened and rushed into his car before secretly taking photos of the ladyboy.

The man disclosed that he had frequented the fishing spot on numerous occasions in the past and had occasionally noticed a group of transwomen assembling there. Nevertheless, he had never witnessed them engaging in any inappropriate or explicit behaviour like this before.

His post garnered attention from the Facebook group members and also several Thai news agencies. Netizens flooded the comment section with humorous reactions, while others expressed fear.

Naked ladyboy approaches while fishing
Photo by นายปาเกียว’ พเนจร via Facebook group/ กลุ่มคนชอบตกปลาช่อน(ข้างทาง)

Naked ladyboy masturbation

Photo by นายปาเกียว’ พเนจร via Facebook group/ กลุ่มคนชอบตกปลาช่อน(ข้างทาง)

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