Flushed: Woman’s toilet stolen by ex in post-breakup revenge

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In a bizarre turn of events, a woman in America took to Reddit to share a story of post-breakup revenge that has captured the attention of social media users worldwide. After ending her relationship, her ex-boyfriend, a licensed plumber, retaliated by removing the toilet from her bathroom, leaving her in a rather inconvenient predicament.

The woman expressed her frustration, stating that since the toilet was stolen, she had to resort to using restrooms in nearby restaurants to address her needs. The unexpected act of removing a toilet as a form of revenge has sparked a mixture of amusement and disbelief among Reddit users, with comments ranging from humorous to critical.

The woman described the breakup, indicating that her ex-boyfriend’s frugality was a contributing factor to their split. She claimed he was stingy to the point of refusing to tip waiters and even sharing in the payment of electricity bills during their time living together.

As the story unfolded online, the social media community was abuzz with reactions. One commenter found the situation hilarious, saying she should be upset about the breakup and missing toilet, yet she seemed to be taking it all in stride.

Another remarked on the ex-boyfriend’s thoroughness in removing the toilet cleanly. A third comment called the act childish, suggesting that he should have left like an adult. Someone else bluntly referred to the ex as trash.

Amidst the comments, there were also warnings about the potential dangers of exposed sewer gas, advising the woman to seal the open drain as quickly as possible to prevent any risk of flammable vapours.

Fortunately, the woman’s ordeal came to an end when she managed to get in touch with another plumber, who installed a new toilet for her. It’s a reminder that the end of a relationship can sometimes give rise to unexpected and even outlandish consequences, reported Sanook.

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