Bus collides with truck in central Thailand due to brake failure

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A bus carrying a group of 25 teachers experienced brake failure while descending a hill in Prachin Buri province, Central Thailand, leading to a collision with a 22-wheel truck.

The accident, which occurred in the Nadi district, Prachin Buri, left several passengers injured, with three sustaining serious injuries.

In the aftermath of the brake failure, the tour bus driver lost control and crashed into the rear of a Volvo articulated truck carrying logs. The impact caused the bus to overturn, leaving passengers scrambling to escape through the windows. The injured were immediately attended to by rescue units and transferred to local hospitals for treatment.

The bus, originating from Thep Udom Phitthaya School in Surin province, was en route to Prachin Kalyani School in the city of Prachinb Buri. The visit was part of a professional development excursion for the teachers. Those who were not seriously injured or chose not to go to the hospital were taken to a nearby checkpoint to await further transportation arranged by the school.

The bus driver, Luan Wijit, recounted that the vehicle was functioning normally until it began the descent when it experienced a mechanical issue, and the brakes failed. Despite efforts to control the bus, collision with the truck ahead was inevitable. Anawil, the 31 year old truck driver, was unaware of the impending disaster until he felt the impact from behind.

Police officials from the Highway Police Station at Nadi checkpoint promptly coordinated with the school to organise alternative transportation for the unharmed teachers. They also launched an investigation into the exact cause of the accident, reported KhaoSod.

The stretch of road where the accident occurred, particularly the descent from the hill, spanning 6 kilometres and notorious for frequent accidents, will likely come under scrutiny following this incident. The curve at the shrine of Pu Tone and the approach to the hill have been identified as common sites for traffic accidents.

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