Thai man sexually assaulted in car after accepting free ride

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A Thai man accused another man of sexually assaulting him after offering a free ride. The driver then touched his passenger inappropriately and masturbated in the car.

The 23 year old man, identified only as To, filed the sexual assault complaint at Mueang Loei Police Station in the Isaan province of Loei at about 3.30pm on July 1. To identified the suspect as a 40 year old Thai man named Jack.

To explained that he had been waiting for a public bus on the day of the incident when Jack approached him. Jack parked his black Toyota Vios sedan at the bus stop and lowered the window to ask To about his destination.


Jack offered To a free ride to his destination, which To agreed to since he had already been waiting for the bus for a long time. They introduced themselves while they were in the car. Jack reportedly asked To…

“Which type do you like?”

To claimed that he did not understand the question but answered, “I’m fine with everything.” According to To, Jack drove into a quiet alley along the main road and parked the car. Jack then touched To’s body and private parts before trying to take off To’s trousers.

To said Jack also masturbated while touching him until reaching his climax. Jack used a face mask to wipe the semen and threw it out of the car window. He dropped To at the city centre of Loei, and To rushed to the police station to seek justice.

Jack was summoned to the police station yesterday, July 2, and admitted to his actions. However, Jack insisted that he did not trick To or force him into the sexual activity.

Police released Jack after questioning but ordered him to return to the police station later according to the schedule.

Channel 7 reported that police planned to charge Jack under Section 278 of the Criminal Law: sexually assaulting a person aged over 15 years by threatening or using any violent acts. The penalty is imprisonment of up to 10 years, a fine of up to 200,000 baht, or both.

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