Thai man demands bank accountability after 100k ATM malfunction

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A Thai man demanded that a bank take action and responsibility after he lost 100,000 baht in cash due to a malfunction at an automated teller machine (ATM) in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok.

The victim, 29 year old Dunlathorn, filed a complaint with Mueang Nonthaburi Police Station regarding the loss. He explained that as a lottery seller, he had deposited his earnings of 100,000 baht from sales into his bank account using the ATM.

Unfortunately, a malfunction caused the ATM to shut down temporarily. When power was restored, the machine issued an empty slip. Upon checking his bank account, Dunlathorn discovered that the deposit had not been processed. The cash storage in the ATM was also found to be empty.

Dunlathorn reported the issue to a branch employee, who advised him to file a complaint through the call centre. Despite assurances from the call centre that they would investigate within three days, Dunlathorn felt this response was too slow.

Dunlathorn informed Channel 3 that he urged the bank to expedite their review of the issue, expressing deep concern over the loss of his money. He searched online for similar cases and discovered that many other victims had been unsuccessful in recovering their funds.

The name of the bank has not yet been made public and no bank has come forward to clarify the matter. It is believed to be the Bank of Ayudhya, as the ATM seen in the Channel 3 report was yellow.

A similar story was reported last week, on June 12, when a Thai man lost 30,000 baht in cash after an incomplete deposit at an ATM in a shopping mall in Bangkok. The man did not confirm the deposit amount in the final process, allowing another ATM user to take his money.

The identities of the couple who stole the cash were clearly shown in the bank’s CCTV footage. Fortunately, the couple who took the victim’s money were afraid of legal punishment and returned the full amount to the victim the following day.

In another related report, a Thai woman lost an ATM card on which she wrote the password and later lost 105,000 baht. The identity of the thief was captured by a security camera outside the bank, but police delayed the arrest process.

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