Baht’s the password? Thai gran’s costly slip leads to 105k bank loss

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A 65 year old Thai woman lost 105,000 baht from her bank account after writing her ATM password on the back of the card and subsequently losing it on March 13, resulting in the loss of 105,000 baht in her bank account.

The 65 year old victim, Janpen, accompanied by her 44 year old daughter, Somporn, sought help from Move Forward Party (MFP) MP Kiattikhun Tonyang after the theft remained unsolved for three months.

According to the victim, the police stated that the bank’s delay in providing necessary documents and evidence is impeding their investigation and the apprehension of the thief. When the victim contacted the bank, officials insisted on collaborating solely with the police due to the confidential nature of the documents.

Somporn expressed her concern that the thief may have already spent the money but was unsure of how to proceed with the case. She recounted the incident, which occurred at a shopping mall in the Rama 2 neighbourhood of Bangkok, to the MP. Somporn explained that her mother visited the mall with her grandson on March 13 and withdrew 30,000 baht from an ATM outside the mall to purchase a mobile phone.

Janpen did not realise she had lost her ATM card until March 21. Writing the ATM password on the back of the card, Janpen rushed to the nearest ATM to check her savings and found that only 15,000 baht of her 120,000 baht account was left. A check of the bank statement revealed eight withdrawals by the thief.

Somporn and Janpen filed a complaint at Tha Kham Police Station and reported the incident to the bank. Security footage clearly identified the thief as a Thai man between 50 and 60 years old. Despite the bank’s promise to provide evidence to the police, officers claim they have not received it.

Somporn expressed her desire to recover some of the money, which represented her mother’s long-term savings. She believes that with faster action from both the bank and the police, it might be possible.

MP Kiattikhun promised to follow up on the case with Tha Kham police and urged them to obtain the bank records independently, given their confidential nature. He also urged the thief to surrender, warning that he could face up to three years in prison.

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