Thai man loses 30,000 baht after incomplete ATM deposit

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A Thai man lost 30,000 baht in cash after an incomplete deposit process at an automated teller machine (ATM) in a shopping mall in the Bang Kapi district of Bangkok.

Thai tour guide Ter is seeking assistance from non-profit organisation Saimai Survive after the loss. He recounted the incident to the organisation and media, stating that he deposited 30,000 baht in cash into an ATM outside the bank in a shopping mall around 4pm on June 10.

Ter followed the deposit process directed by the ATM and placed 30,000 baht (30 banknotes) into the cash storage. The storage closed, and the machine began counting the bills. Ter, thinking the deposit was complete, left the ATM.

Unfortunately, he did not receive the usual confirmation SMS from the bank. He returned to the bank five minutes later to inquire about the issue with the staff. Initially, the staff confirmed it might be an SMS malfunction and that the cash would be deposited to his account as usual.

Ter asked the staff to clarify the deposit steps on the ATM, and he realised he had not completed the final step. After the machine counted the bills, Ter was required to confirm the amount of cash but he did not do so.

The bank staff assured Ter that other bank customers would be unable to take his cash because the storage had a sensor preventing users from accessing the money.

Ter urged the bank to check the security camera footage at the ATM and discovered that a couple who used the ATM after him had taken the money.

The CCTV footage showed the couple appearing stunned after seeing Ter’s money in the storage. They looked around to see if anyone was watching before taking the cash. The woman put Ter’s money into her bag. They remained at the ATM for a while before leaving with the money.

According to Ter, the bank denied responsibility for his loss, stating that it occurred outside the bank premises. Renowned lawyer Ronnarong Kaewphet agreed, stating that the bank had the right to deny responsibility in this case, as the loss was considered due to Ter’s recklessness.

The lawyer suggested that Ter file a theft complaint with the police so they could track down and arrest the couple.

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