Thai man arrested with 60,000 files of spycam pornography

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Officers from the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau arrested a Thai man in the southern province of Prachub KirKhan for possessing and selling spycam pornography and found 60,000 files of pornography in his possession.

The Internet Crimes Against Children Unit of the High-tech Crime Division received a complaint about the Twitter account KingSpy ราชาแอบถ่าย. The account invited Twitter users to join a group on the LINE application under the same name and pay the 150 baht membership fee to access the spycam porn.

The LINE account had nearly 600 members and several pornographic videos recorded with hidden cameras were shared in the group. Some of the victims in the videos were children.

The administrator of the group was identified as a 26 year old Thai man named Nattaporn, who was arrested at his home in Prachub Kiri Khan province on December 12. He confessed to selling the spycam pornography, but it was not reported whether he had recorded the explicit videos himself.

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Officers checked his two mobile phones and found that he had logged on to Twitter using the account KingSpy, but the account had already been suspended. So Nattaporn created a new account called ID@CODE1380077 and invited followers to join a new LINE group called LINE STICKER.

His phone was also logged into an application called MEGA Cloud, and 62,773 files of spycam porn, or about 1.4 terabytes, were found to be stored in the cloud. Each file was categorised by location, such as on a train, in a market, in a school toilet, in a shopping centre toilet, etc.

The charges

Nattapon faced three charges include:

  • Section 287 of the Criminal Law: possessing explicit documents, drawings, publications, pictures, advertisements, advertisements, photographs, films, sound recordings or other obscene content for sale or distribution. The penalty will be imprisonment of up to three years, a fine of up to 60,000 baht, or both.
  • Section 287(1) of the Criminal Law: possessing child pornography for sexual benefits both for himself and others. The penalty will be imprisonment of up to five years, a fine of up to 100,000 baht, or both.
  • Section 14(4)(5) of the Computer Act: introduction of distorted, counterfeit or false computer data into a computer system in a manner that could potentially cause harm to the general public. The penalty will be imprisonment of up to five years, a fine of up to 100,000 baht, or both.

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