Japanese man turns heads with Thai Tuk-Tuk rides in Tokyo

Photo courtesy of Jin From Japan (Tiktok)

A Japanese man, known as Jin From Japan on TikTok, has garnered attention after purchasing a Thai Tuk-Tuk to use as a passenger transport vehicle in Tokyo. He also offers a promotional deal of a free ride for the first three kilometres.

Jin revealed his unique travel method in Tokyo, which doesn’t cost a single yen, which is riding a Tuk-Tuk, operated by a man named Ryushacho. Ryushacho shared that he had visited Thailand and experienced riding a Tuk-Tuk around the city. This experience made him feel as if he had found true love and he fell deeply in love with the Tuk-Tuk rides.

When Ryushacho returned to Japan, he couldn’t stop thinking about the charming three-wheeled vehicle. Therefore, he decided to order a Tuk-Tuk from Thailand and registered the vehicle in Japan so that it could legally operate on the roads.

Ryushacho, who primarily owns a restaurant, loves driving the Tuk-Tuk in Tokyo the most now, reported Sanook. He’s even willing to offer the first three kilometres for free, just for the opportunity to drive. He wants everyone to experience a pleasant ride and be impressed by the experience of riding a Thai Tuk-tuk.

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Tuk-tuk riding is one of the must-try activities in Thailand for all tourists. Riding a tuk-tuk in Thailand is not only a necessity but also a thrilling experience. These iconic three-wheeled vehicles are often more cost-effective and abundant than traditional cabs, provided you can master the art of haggling. Negotiating the fare beforehand is crucial to avoid surprises. Tuk-tuks weave through bustling streets, offering a unique perspective of the vibrant surroundings. Beyond convenience, the journey becomes an adventure in itself, embracing the local culture. Whether navigating city traffic or exploring scenic routes, a tuk-tuk ride adds an exciting dimension to your Thai travel experience, making it an essential and enjoyable mode of transportation.

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