Thai Lottery draw reveals no unclaimed jackpots with 6 million baht top prize

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The Government Lottery Office announced the results of its latest draw today, with no jackpots remaining unclaimed. The first prize of 6 million baht was drawn at the office’s location in Nonthaburi province.

In addition to the first prize, two adjacent prizes of 100,000 baht each were also awarded. Five second prizes of 200,000 baht each were won by lottery tickets bearing the numbers 723720, 213640, 699570, 456735, and 431314.

Additionally, ten third prizes of 80,000 baht each were awarded. The winning numbers for these prizes were 310729, 487467, 444778, 346472, 547106, 889472, 206593, 796880, 481230, and 129501.

The lottery draw also included 50 fourth prizes of 40,000 baht each and 100 fifth prizes of 20,000 baht each. Furthermore, two prizes of 4,000 baht each were awarded for the lottery tickets with the correct first three and last three digits, while a prize of 2,000 baht was given to the ticket with the correct last two digits.

This recent lottery draw follows the historical trend of the past decade as seen in our lottery statistics. Events such as a number being drawn in consecutive draws happen rarely but are part of the intrigue that keeps the lottery popular.

From celebrities winning prizes to luxury cars being gifted to temples or people eating vegetarian meals for luck, the lottery continues to captivate people with its charm and allure.

In related news, two weeks ago in the Huay Sai Khao village in Huay Kaew, Phu Kam Yao district, Phayao province, two elderly Thai women were able to clinch the first prize of 6 million baht from the government lottery.

The two Thai women earned the nickname The Lucky Aunts and their winning number was 727202.

Instead of taking the majority of the money for themselves, they are donating it to the temple, Wat Had Fan, where they had prayed to win the lottery, settle their outstanding debts, and provide for their grandchildren. Click HERE to learn more about this story.

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