Thai labourer’s death in Israel sparks fears, call for government aid

Photo courtesy of Si Sa Ket public relation office.

The Thai labourer tragically killed in Israel during a mortar attack on Tuesday sparked pleas from his family for government aid in repatriating his remains back to his native Si Sa Ket province in Thailand.

Phongphat Suchat and another Thai worker lost their lives when a mortar round detonated close to their location, according to the 29 year old’s brother, 34 year old Surat Suchat, who was present during the deadly incident.

The attack occurred without warning, Surat stated, recounting that a siren had sounded only five seconds before the deadly explosion. Israeli military personnel were responsible for the removal of the bodies.

The grieving brother, along with Phongphat’s 53 year old mother, Phraiwan Suchat, and 30 year old wife, Warunee Daosai, have implored Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin to facilitate the transportation of Phongphat’s body back to his home village of Ban Krachaeng Muang in the Kantharalak district.

Fear has now gripped Thai workers in the region, many of whom are too terrified to report for duty. Surat, along with 59 other labourers, is anxiously waiting to return home, vowing never to work in Israel again.

An alarming account emerged on Monday, from a Twitter user named SuperBallAI who detailed his harrowing escape from a worker camp to a military shelter, only to be forcibly sold to a new employer.

“I had run for cover with a single backpack in hand. And I desperately want to go home, but I was sold to a new employer instead.”

In response to these distressing claims, Pairoj Chotikasathien, permanent secretary for labour, contacted the Thai labour attaché in Israel for clarification and was informed that such practices were legal under Israeli law.

Pairoj has since directed the labour attaché in Tel Aviv to visit Thai workers stationed in temporary shelters across the country, offering moral support and assistance in registering their return to Thailand.

As of now, approximately 5,000 Thai labourers have registered for a free flight home, arranged by the Thai government.

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