Thai foreign minister jets off to Japan for diplomatic meeting

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The Thai Foreign Minister is gearing up for a crucial diplomatic mission to Japan amidst mounting concerns over the potential revocation of visa-free privileges for Thai travellers.

Reports suggest that Japan is contemplating this drastic measure due to a surge in Thais overstaying their welcome. In a statement released today, Parnpree Bahiddha-Nukara acknowledged Japan’s right to enforce its laws but expressed his intention to plead for leniency.

“While I’m deeply concerned about these reports, I understand Japan’s prerogative to revoke visa exemptions if laws are flouted, mirroring Thailand’s stance on law-breaking tourists.”

However, the minister remains hopeful, noting that only a minority of Thai visitors have run afoul of Japanese laws. He plans to engage in talks with his Japanese counterpart, urging for a reconsideration of the visa exemption cancellation.

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On a separate front, Parnpree addressed ongoing negotiations with the European Union regarding Schengen visas. While the timeline remains uncertain, he expressed confidence in reaching an agreement during the Srettha Thavisin administration.

In a glimmer of hope amidst diplomatic tensions, the foreign minister revealed positive developments in the harrowing situation involving Thai hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, reported Thai PBS World.

With a recent UN Security Council resolution on a Gaza ceasefire, Parnpree anticipates the safe return of the remaining captives, with sightings suggesting that some may still be alive.

In related news, to revitalise cross-border commerce, the Thailand deputy foreign minister made a pivotal visit to Chiang Saen Port on Monday, March 18, accentuating its pivotal role in the lower Mekong region.

With cross-border trade in Chiang Rai soaring to an estimated 100 billion baht last year, according to the Foreign Ministry, the port’s strategic location where the Kok and Mekong Rivers converge offers a gateway to Laos and Myanmar, while also providing the most direct route to China’s southern provinces.

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