Thai farmer’s blooming rose garden rakes in cash on Valentine’s Day

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The owner of Phraew Banpha Namthiang Rose Garden in Khon Kaen once toiled in the sugarcane fields, until she took a gamble six years ago, swapping cane for the delicate allure of roses.

This Valentine’s Day, love isn’t the only thing in the air: the sweet scent of roses drifts from Phraew Banpha Namthiang, where demand for the enchanting blooms is skyrocketing.

Sukanya Promthong, the garden owner, shares that the roses each command a princely sum of 5 baht per bloom which is double the usual price.

But it’s not just starry-eyed lovers flocking to this floral wonderland. Middlemen have already snapped up over 20,000 roses, and pre-booking blooms faster than Cupid’s arrows. That’s over 100,000 baht in the coffers, a bounty that puts ordinary harvests to shame.

And it’s not just about the cash: Phraew Banpha Namthiang has blossomed into more than just a garden. It’s a community enterprise, a beacon of agricultural tourism, drawing in visitors with promises of rose-infused delights, reported Pattaya Mail.

From fragrant rose teas to delicacies like rose petal wrap appetisers, this garden doesn’t just nurture love; it serves up relaxation and stress relief on a platter.

But the romance doesn’t stop there. This Valentine’s Day, Phraew Banpha Namthiang plays cupid in another way, as it opens its doors for couples eager to tie the knot amidst the blooms of the Sichomphu district, reported Pattaya News.

In related news, Valentine’s Day in Trang witnessed an innovative gifting trend that has captured the hearts of many: beautifully crafted bouquets made not only with traditional roses but also with chocolate and banknotes. At Ari Flower Shop on Jermpanya Road, in the Thap Thiang district of Trang, the owner and her team are busy preparing these unique bouquets for the season of love.

In other news, a 69 year old Thai man in the southern province of Krabi signed a marriage certificate for the 14th time this Valentine’s Day and hoped his current wife would be the final chapter of his love saga after 13 unlucky attempts.

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