Thai poultry exports soar, feathering their cap as world’s third-largest

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With over 100,000 tonnes of chicken valued at a staggering 100 billion baht shipped abroad last year alone, Thailand has secured its spot as the world’s third-largest exporter, trailing only behind Brazil and the US.

Thailand’s poultry industry has been on an upward trajectory, with Chaweewan Kampa, President of the Poultry Promotion Association of Thailand, hailing the nation’s climb to third place last year from its previous fourth-place ranking.

Speaking on the strategies that propelled this achievement, Chaweewan highlighted the government’s proactive measures in export promotion, coupled with swift decisions to extend soybean meal imports under a World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreement for an additional year. This move proved instrumental in addressing the escalating costs and shortages of animal feed, a crucial component in poultry farming.

Under the WTO pact, soybean meal imports are subject to a mere 2% tariff, a significant reduction from the standard rate of 119%. Furthermore, the agreement permits the importation of corn for animal feed at a reduced tariff of 20%, down from the usual 70%, with a quota of up to 54,700 tonnes. Despite these strides, Chaweewan cautioned that Thailand still grapples with higher production costs compared to its counterparts.

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Chaweewan emphasised the need for the government to explore extending the terms of the WTO deal, particularly the import quota limits. Such measures, she argued, would alleviate the financial burdens on chicken farmers, enhancing the competitiveness of Thai products on the global stage, reported Vietnam Plus.

“Whilst Brazil and the US boast vast production bases for soybean and corn: essential components of animal feed, Thailand struggles to meet its domestic demands.”

Echoing Chaweewan’s sentiments, Sitthiphan Thanakiatpinyo, President of the Swine Raisers Association of Thailand, underscored the pivotal role of animal feed costs in agricultural operations. Urging governmental action, he implored authorities to prioritise addressing this pressing concern, recognising its profound impact on farmers’ livelihoods and the nation’s economic prosperity.

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