Finger-lickin’ love: KFC unveils fried chicken rings for Valentine’s Day

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Love stories, laughter, and shared moments have been filling buckets of joy for dating and loving couples at KFC Thailand for 40 years. These sweet moments have become the secret ingredient in every crispy KFC meal, creating memories as finger-lickin’ good as the chicken itself.

In an exclusive celebration of this heartwarming 40-year love affair, KFC and Colonel Sanders invite you to indulge in a touch of luxury: the world’s first fried chicken ring. This precious gem collection comprises only 11 rings, each crafted with love and infused with the essence of KFC’s legendary fried chicken.

The heartfelt gem ring is a masterpiece, created by blending real KFC fried chicken with a stylish design, and the sophisticated expertise of organic matter conversion specialist, GEMORIES Lab. This unique collaboration transforms KFC’s iconic crispy fried chicken into real gems through a virtual scientific process, simulating the natural gem formation process under the extreme heat of 1,800 degrees and 11 hours of pressure.

Suhayl Limbada, chief marketing officer at KFC Thailand, explains the concept.

“Valentine’s Day at KFC is one for the books this year. It’s not just about serving good meals; it’s about celebrating the love among us and being a part of every Thai’s unique love story. This year, we’re taking it a step further by offering everlasting love through the fried chicken ring – another first for our KFC fans.”

This Valentine’s Day, KFC invites all couples to share their KFC love stories, only 11 lucky couples will become proud owners of the one and only fried chicken rings by sharing their stories on KFC Thailand’s Facebook, reported Little Black Book.

As a cherry on top, KFC will also treat the lucky couples from social activities with a set menu of delicious fried chicken meals at the KFC ATT U Ladprao branch, paired with the unique KFC Fried Chicken Ring. Your memories will be infused in every flavour, creating a Valentine’s Day experience that’s truly finger-lickin’ good.

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