Valentine trend: Banknote bouquets outsell roses in Trang

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Valentine’s Day in Trang witnessed an innovative gifting trend that has captured the hearts of many: beautifully crafted bouquets made not only with traditional roses but also with chocolate and banknotes.

At Ari Flower Shop on Jermpanya Road, in the Thap Thiang district of Trang, the owner and her team are busy preparing these unique bouquets for the season of love.

This year, amidst the vibrant colours and scents of roses, it’s the banknote bouquets that are standing out, with customers ordering these monetary gifts in various denominations. Options range from 50 baht notes to larger denominations such as 100 and even 1,000 baht notes. The shop caters to custom orders, arranging the banknotes into bouquets according to the customers’ desired amount and presentation style. The most extravagant bouquet ordered to date is valued at an impressive 100,000 baht.

Flower prices, as expected, have soared in response to Valentine’s Day demand. A bundle of 20 roses, typically priced at 500 baht, now costs 950 baht. More exotic rose hues have seen a price jump from 600 to 1,200 baht per bundle.

Despite the price hike, customers remain undeterred, their desire to express love through these timeless symbols of affection unfazed. The owner, 59 year old Nongnuch Arab commented that although prices increase every year around this time, the market accepts it, and sales remain strong.

Apart from fresh and dried flower bouquets and the chocolate assortments starting from 500 baht, banknote bouquets are this year’s highlight. The manager of the shop, 23 year old Siriphat Srinphet, shared that the banknote bouquets are in high demand as they serve as a gift of value, literally and sentimentally. The shop takes pride in fulfilling personalized orders, ensuring that the arrangement and the amount fit the customer’s specifications accordingly, reported KhaoSod.

Moreover, the shop has introduced chocolate bouquets, each piece encased in acrylic boxes to prevent damage and protect against ants and insects. Such innovations indicate that the art of gifting is continuously evolving, with creativity and personalisation at its core.

Valentine’s Day in Trang reflects a broader trend where traditional gifts are being reimagined to create more personalised and practical presents.

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