Thai farmer crafts cat and fish image from rainbow seedlings in rice field

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In northern Chiang Rai’s Ban Khon Sung, an aerial view reveals a captivating image of a cat cuddling a fish, meticulously crafted from rainbow seedlings sprouting in a rice field. This picturesque scene mirrors a traditional Thai proverb symbolising prosperity.

The artistic feat is a creation of Farmer Tanyapong Jaikham, who, alongside a group of labourers, planted the seedlings at specific locations across the field to form cartoonish feline illustrations with the intent of attracting tourists and cat enthusiasts.

Tanyapong hopes to draw tens of thousands of people to admire the artistic manifestation within the rice fields. He explained that the creation process required reliance on GPS coordinates to accurately place the seedlings in alignment with an initial artist’s sketch. As the plants mature, they change hues, with the final harvest revealing a portrait of Cooper, the cat who inspired the artwork.

In anticipation of the influx of tourists, viewing towers are being erected around the area to provide visitors with a better view of the intricate artwork. The masterpiece embodies a Thai proverb, There is fish in the water and rice in the fields.

Thailand placed second only to India in global rice exportation, has set a goal to export 8.5 million tonnes this year. Tanyapong believes the project could present a learning opportunity for younger generations interested in the intersection of art and technology.

Previously, rice was mainly considered for consumption, Tanyapong reflected. Following this image of the cat cuddling the fish, Tanyapong believe that this approach allows us to develop tourism and agriculture simultaneously, reported Bangkok Post.

In related news, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin announced plans to revise the substantial sum of 5.1 billion baht (US$145 million), originally designated for the promotion initiatives of national art and culture by the National Soft Power Development Committee (NSPDC). The Thai prime minister expressed the need for judicious use of the funds to maximise efficacy. To find out more, click HERE!

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