Thai explosion victims receive 10,000 baht compensation as identification continues

The identification of 12 victims from the recent explosion has been confirmed and efforts are being made to complete the process today. Meanwhile, rescue workers are gathering body parts, some found over a kilometre away from the incident site. A total of 10,000 baht in preliminary compensation has been handed over to the families of the deceased by Udom Pongfa, Advisor to the Minister of Social Development and Human Security.

Udom visited the site at 8am today to distribute relief funds to the families of all 23 victims. This aid, amounting to 10,000 baht per family, was supported by Potential Thai Inter law and Business Company Limited. Udom informed that Warawut Silpa-Archa, the Minister of Social Development and Human Security, is currently in the United States but is closely monitoring the situation and has ordered the provision of assistance following legal procedures.

The ministry is coordinating with the local rescue teams to collect the remains of the victims to prevent them from being scavenged by animals. Some parts have been scattered over 1.5 kilometres.

Udom, along with the Suphan Buri Lawyer Council, will take care of the bereaved families after the funeral arrangements are complete. However, he is urging the factory owners or partners to take responsibility for the incident.

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Two young victims, a fourth-grade and a sixth-grade student, have lost both parents in the explosion. If any legal violations are found, the case will be pursued. The team of lawyers will oversee the compensation that will be paid to the actual heirs or related heirs or estate administrators.

This process may take one to two months. All units, including the Lawyer’s Council and ombudsman, will arrange for free of charge. Today, Udom coordinated to get 230,000 baht from Chomduan Complex Company Limited to give to the bereaved families for funeral expenses or other costs.

DNA Testing

Of the victims, the identities of 12 have been confirmed while 11 are yet to be identified. Today, they will hasten to send the remains for DNA testing and finish the process within the day. The bodies will then be taken for religious ceremonies.

Regardless, the provincial Social Development and Human Security department is closely monitoring and providing mental health support, especially in cases where both parents have died and they will look after education funding.

The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, along with other departments such as the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry of Justice, will assist. The Alumni Association of Gran Suksa Lai School has a clear policy on providing scholarships and has criteria for providing them to students who need assistance.

Several bereaved families were asked about the rituals to invite the spirits of the deceased. Many are still waiting for details on whether they can perform the rituals at the incident site, which is still sealed off as the cause of the explosion is being investigated, reported KhaoSod.

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