Thai dentist saves patient’s life discovering lethal blood condition pre-tooth extraction

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A Thai dentist recently shared a patient’s near-fatal experience on Facebook after spotting abnormal blood spots on the patient’s arm before a scheduled tooth extraction. The patient was subsequently diagnosed with thrombocytopenia, a disruption in blood coagulation that can lead to uncontrolled bleeding that could potentially be lethal if not promptly treated.

Shared on the Facebook page of Doctor Kluay, the patient’s unusual case served as a grave warning for potential hazards related to underlying medical conditions. The dentist noticed several unordinary blood spots on the patient’s arm before extracting a tooth, compelling the patient to take a blood test. The results confirmed a condition known as thrombocytopenia, commonly known as low platelet count, which can cause excessive bleeding, posing severe risks to life, reported Sanook. Doctor Kluay said…

“Abnormal blood spots are potentially life-threatening. Consider this case as an example. The patient came to have a tooth extracted. But the dentist observing abnormal blood spots over the patient’s arm and body ordered a blood test. The results showed thrombocytopenia (medical term), which can be perilous.

“If a dentist or surgeon doesn’t notice this condition before conducting a procedure that involves significant blood loss, such as tooth extraction, tooth surgery, or plaque removal, it can lead to a fatal situation. A low platelet count creates a situation where the blood cannot effectively clot, potentially leading to unstoppable bleeding. This could be due to underlying blood diseases, particular cancer types, immunity disorders in the patient, or certain anticoagulant medications.”

The patient’s symptoms were visibly evident with distinct blood spots. However, some individuals might exhibit fewer spots, requiring careful observations by medical professionals. If a patient notices any such abnormalities, they should inform the doctor immediately so that necessary precautions can be taken before carrying out any medical procedures. The dentist added…

“In case of low platelet count, tooth operations can carry out, but necessary treatments for low platelet count should be implemented first.”

Other detailed information was provided by the Drama-addict page, informing that thrombocytopenia can be caused by an array of conditions, including cancer, infection, or immune diseases.

When the platelet count drops significantly, it leads to a variety of symptoms visible on the skin, similar to the patient’s case. If severe enough, it can lead to bleeding in various organs, causing death.

The condition can be found in individuals of any gender and age. It’s not uncommon even among young children.

Previous news stories have reported instances where parents noticed blood spots on their children’s skin, rushed them to the hospital, and subsequently discovered that they had ITP, a severe condition characterised by very low platelet count – early treatment led to their survival.

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