Celebrity split: Keng Lai Phong and Joy Jirawan’s separation shock fans, infidelity rumors arise

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The announcement of the high-profile celebrity split between the previously much-loved couple, Keng Lai Phong and Joy Jirawan, has shocked many fans, causing palpable heartache. The couple’s marital strife was revealed when Joy took to social media to announce her singlehood, three days after she had posted a problematic photo that provoked controversy. Keng, known for his playful nature, has been left in distress.

The image that caused the celebrity split stir was of Keng, assumed to be taken candidly, the caption sarcastically stated…

“He dares to joke with his vows, why his life has collapsed.”

It instigated speculation about their marital breakdown. This surprise outing was followed by a stream of supportive comments from shocked fans supporting both parties.

Another clip surfaced in the aftermath, depicting Keng eating alone, his sorrows on display. He tearfully uttered…

“Next month, Daddy will come to pick you up, I promise I will be stronger than this, I love you genius.”

It allegedly revealed the emotional hurt he was experiencing. Fans rushed to lend him support, with some encouraging him to win Joy back, others advocating mutual respect, and some advising him to be resilient and step up as both mother and father to little Genius, who was inadvertently caught in the crossfire, reported KhaoSod.

Amid the turmoil, Keng had a live selling session with Kru Beer where he was faced with questions about his alleged affair with Nune. The sudden enquiry was due to Joy’s direct knowledge of Keng’s relationship with Nune, causing fans to question Keng’s fidelity. Keng dismissed the allegations.

“I’ve been separated from Joy for a while. I sell things at Sriracha, and that day Nune was also live. Nune is a friend and also a junior, I was asked to join live.”

This resulted in viewership increasing from the initial 11 viewers to 3,000 viewers in a short time, who commented calling them a cute couple and constantly cheering them. This bubbly and straightforward character easily wins smiles and can make people laugh heartily, highlighting the appeal of Keng’s personality despite the surrounding celebrity split controversy.

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