Exploring Niseko’s outdoor adventures: A sizzling summer getaway for Thai travelers

Amidst the bustling expanse of Bangkok’s mega-malls, an ever-present trend captures the attention of passersby’s, Hokkaido culinary treats. Thais have long had an insatiable appetite for Japanese cuisine, but a closer look reveals a burgeoning fascination with Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island.

This growing attraction owes much to the favorable Thai baht to Japanese yen exchange rate and the increasing airlift capacity of Thai Airways International, now offering five direct flights weekly between Bangkok and Sapporo, the primary gateway to Hokkaido. The icing on the cake is the visa-free entry for Thai citizens for up to 15 days, making the proposition hard to resist.

A favored destination for Thai visitors is the charming mountain town of Niseko, nestled in Japan’s alpine landscape, boasting captivating vistas of the awe-inspiring Mount Yotei. With an array of family-friendly vacation home rentals, Niseko is the perfect launching pad for gastronomic adventures, sightseeing, and outdoor activities.

Exploring Niseko's outdoor adventures: A sizzling summer getaway for Thai travelers | News by Thaiger
Image Credit: Edventure

A rising trend among Thai, Southeast Asian, and Japanese families is the interest in summer camps for children, with EdVenture Niseko leading the charge. This pioneering outdoor educational experience offers a unique twist as it primarily functions as a day camp, freeing parents to explore the area’s splendid dining and cultural offerings, then rejoining their children in the evenings.

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EdVenture’s English-language cross-cultural program has proven so popular that it now spans winter, spring, and autumn camps, aligning perfectly with family ski trips and school holidays. For first-time skiers, the winter program provides an exceptional learning opportunity.

Another family-friendly gem, both in summer and winter, is the Niseko Hanazono Resort. It boasts Asia’s largest mega zipline, stretching an impressive 2,591 meters. The longest segment, spanning 1,700 meters, promises an exhilarating high-speed ride atop the mountains. A recent addition is the nighttime mountain light art installation by Bruce Munro, a world-class family activity.

Exploring Niseko's outdoor adventures: A sizzling summer getaway for Thai travelers | News by Thaiger
Image Credit: Niseko Picture via Bill Barnett

Culinary exploration remains an irresistible draw for all travelers, with seasonal summer fruits, vegetables, and vibrant farmers’ markets in abundance. A recent addition to Niseko’s offerings is the Niseko Distillery in Annupuri, established by Hakkaisan Brewery. A visit here is a must, where the distillery is meticulously aging its inaugural batch of unblended whisky—an endeavor well worth the patience. In the meantime, visitors can witness the distillation process, savor tastings, and buy a signature locally-produced ‘Ohoru’ gin.

Exploring Niseko's outdoor adventures: A sizzling summer getaway for Thai travelers | News by Thaiger
Image Credit: Niseko Picture via Bill Barnett

Navigating Niseko’s attractions is straightforward, as renting and driving a car or van in Japan is remarkably easy. An international driver’s license is required, and Thai visitors are advised to confirm the specific license needed. For spacious vacation home rentals catering to families or friend groups, two prominent providers are MnK and Nisade. According to the Niseko Tourism and Property Review, an increasing number of Thai individuals are also investing in second homes or vacation properties in Japan.

Whether you’re an avid snowboarder ready to hit the slopes, an enthusiast for whitewater rafting, or a family seeking quality outdoor adventure, Niseko offers an enchanting year-round destination easily accessible from Thailand. It’s time to travel to the magic of Niseko and start creating lasting memories.



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