Thai barbecue restaurant’s prawn policy sparks online sensation

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A viral sensation has struck the online world as a Thai-style barbecue restaurant in Khon Kaen province, called Nay Tawng Moo Kata, posted a sign prohibiting customers from using the communal mortar to crush fresh prawns.

The restaurant fears potential allergic reactions, instead advising clients to mix their own at their tables. Nay Tawng Moo Kata, a buffet-style barbecue restaurant, sparked an online debate when it posted on its Facebook page:

“Customer requests are answered. If you want to eat fresh prawn salad, crush it and mix it at your table, please. We consider those who are allergic. They will also want to eat salad.”

Accompanying the post was a picture of the sign placed in the area dedicated to serving salads mixed in a mortar, a common feature in Thai restaurants. The sign read:

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“Do not use the communal mortar for crushing prawns as some customers are allergic. Please crush here and then ‘mix’ at your own table.”

The restaurant further requested customers to spread the news to prevent anyone from crushing prawns in the communal mortar, expressing concern over having to rush any allergic customers to the hospital, reported Sanook.

As the post became widely shared, it garnered numerous likes, shares, and comments. Many praised the restaurant’s thoughtful and meticulous approach, while others jokingly asked which part of the country they were from. Some netizens requested an explanation of the term mix, to which the restaurant responded:

“It means to blend things together vigorously.”

Subsequently, other netizens stepped in to clarify that mix or Ko-le is a dialect word from the northeastern region of Thailand. It refers to a verb that designates the action of thoroughly mixing meat, vegetables, or drinks with seasonings. It can be used for both wet and dry cooking methods.

In related news, a renowned barbecue pork restaurant is seeking ten well-dressed customers who dined and dashed, leaving a bill worth over 4,000 baht unpaid. The establishment has given a three-day deadline for the culprits to come forward before legal action is taken.

This incident occurred at the famed Warehouse Seafood Grill Buffet in Ubon Ratchathani on October 30. Read more about this story HERE.

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