High stakes eats: BBQ restaurant on hunt for sharp-dressed dine & dashers

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A renowned barbecue pork restaurant is seeking ten well-dressed customers who dined and dashed, leaving a bill worth over 4,000 baht unpaid. The establishment has given a three-day deadline for the culprits to come forward before legal action is taken. This incident occurred at the famed Warehouse Seafood Grill Buffet in Ubon Ratchathani on October 30.

The barbecue pork restaurant reported that the customers arrived around 6pm, with three individuals initially entering and notifying the staff that they were a party of ten. The group included approximately two to three foreigners, prompting the restaurant to set up three tables for them.

The customers trickled in until the party was complete, and they asked the restaurant to buy a bottle of liquor and soda for them. From 7pm to 8pm, the customers ate, drank, and socialized as normal. Around six customers who had finished their meals left the barbecue pork restaurant between approximately 8pm and 8.30pm. The remaining four adults, all well-dressed individuals estimated to be between 40 to 50 years old, continued to drink at the table.

As other tables began to settle their bills, the staff were occupied at the counter and cleaning tables. When the staff went to check on the table of four, they had already left. The barbecue pork restaurant staff assumed the customers had already paid and proceeded to clean their table. It was only when they checked after the customers had left that they realised the bill had not been paid.

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The barbecue pork restaurant is a small establishment with a limited number of staff who are responsible for taking care of all customers. The unpaid bill was discovered during a busy period when several customers were settling their bills and leaving the restaurant at the same time.

The restaurant has reported the incident to the police and is currently seeking CCTV footage from neighbouring businesses, as their CCTV system did not cover the area where the customers were seated and was also experiencing some errors.

Prevention suggestions

Since the incident was posted online, the barbecue pork restaurant has received an outpouring of support and suggestions on how to prevent such incidents in the future. Many are recommending that the restaurant invest more in its CCTV system for better coverage and protection.

The barbecue pork restaurant has insisted that if the customers do not come forward to pay their bill within three days, legal action will be taken. Many sympathise with the restaurant and hope that the culprits will be found soon. Others have suggested that buffet restaurants should collect payment in advance to prevent such occurrences, reported KhaoSod.

“Keep your spirits up. I hope you find them. But you should consider the importance of CCTV in situations like this. You may need to invest more in cameras. Anyway, keep fighting, I hope you find them. I’ll come to support you when I get the chance.”

“It’s such a pity. I hope they pay soon. Everything has a cost.”

“If it’s a buffet restaurant, I suggest you collect the money first because they have to pay anyway. If the customers seem unsatisfied or act strangely, you can suspect that something is not right. This group of customers is unusual. I hope you get your money back soon. Hardworking people should not have to face this kind of thing.”

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