Thai art maverick unveils tech artistry: Limited edition Casetify collection

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In a groundbreaking collaboration, a Thai artist has joined forces with Casetify, the international lifestyle brand celebrated for its tech accessories.

Kantapon Metheekul, also known as Gongkan, stands alongside renowned Thai artists Phannapast Taychamaythakool, aka Yoon, and Nakrob Moonmanas in the prestigious league of Casetify collaborators.

A distinguished alumnus of Silpakorn University’s Faculty of Decorative Arts, Gongkan’s influence extends beyond Thailand, with notable partnerships with Carnival, Johnnie Walker, and Lomography. His artistic prowess has graced solo exhibitions in Paris and Beijing, and Louis Vuitton personally commissioned him for an exclusive art showcase at the LV Men FW22 show in Thailand.

The grand reveal of the Casetify Artist Presents: Gongkan collection also heralds the official inauguration of Casetify’s second brand in Bangkok, situated on the M floor of Emsphere.

Renowned for his teleportation-themed artistry, Gongkan elaborated on the project.

“My portal represents another dimension that allows you to escape from a situation in which you’re unhappy for a happier and hopeful world.”

This distinctive theme, born out of his struggle to gain recognition in the art scene, became his signature.

Phone case designs

Gongkan’s collection boasts five unique patterns, including three exclusive designs for Casetify and two drawn from his previous exhibitions. The highlight, however, is the limited edition teleporters box set, featuring three phone cases— the Earth, Sun, and Moon—symbolising abundance and happiness, inner strength, and peace, respectively. With only 100 sets available globally, each box includes an exclusive shopping bag and an autographed edition card, reported Bangkok Post.

Gongkan discussed the experimental nature of his designs.

“This is the first time my canvas is phone cases. For example, we have incorporated mirrors in the middle of phone cases to represent teleportation portals.”

Delving into the deeper meaning of his creations, Gongkan shared that he wishes everyone had a way out [of unpleasant situations] and stayed hopeful.

“While I heal myself by creating art, I hope it will also do the same for others.”

Gongkan teased upcoming ventures, revealing his tenth solo show in Changsha, China, in collaboration with Tang Contemporary Art, and plans for another solo exhibition in Thailand next year. Casetify enthusiasts can find Gongkan’s designs on phone cases, Macbook cases, iPad cases, and other accessories.

For the die-hard Gongkan fans, the collection will be available exclusively at the Emsphere store from December 12 for a seven-day sale before its global release.

As a special treat, purchasers of two or more items will receive a personalised autograph from the artist and a specially designed poster, adding an extra layer of exclusivity to this already extraordinary collaboration.

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