Thai ambassador advises workers to delay return to Israel amidst conflict

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The ambassador of Thailand to Israel, Pannabha Chandraramya, advised Thai workers who have recently returned from Israel to refrain from going back due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. She updated on the situation during a meeting involving 97 of the nation’s high-ranking overseas representatives at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Pannabha suggested that those who had returned from Israel should wait for the resolution of the Israel-Hamas conflict before deciding to resume their work in the country. She revealed that some Thai workers have already returned to Israel, but the exact number remains unknown. It is believed that they arrived in Israel via third-party countries.

The Israeli government has been enticing foreign workers to stay and work in the country. For some Thai workers burdened with significant debts, these incentives have become too attractive to resist, Pannabha said.

“I’d prefer them to hold on for a while as we are assessing the situation to ensure their safety before permitting Thai workers to return.”

Approximately 300 Thais have voluntarily chosen to stay in the designated red or danger zones, despite the embassy’s repeated attempts to convince them to leave.

“Israel has confirmed they will permit Thai workers to return to work there, but I would suggest waiting until the situation is truly safe.”

Pannabha confirmed that Israel has reported one more Thai hostage, bringing the total number of confirmed Thai hostages to 26. When asked about the evacuation plan for Thai hostages, she declined to comment. She did, however, hint that the route would likely be within Israel, not at the Rafah border crossing near Egypt, reported Bangkok Post.

“Regardless of the route chosen, the Royal Thai Embassies in Tel Aviv and Cairo are prepared to collaborate.”

According to media reports, Israel and Hamas agreed to a deal on Wednesday to release 50 hostages held in Gaza during a four-day cessation of hostilities.

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