Irish firm takes flight: Thai Airways to receive new Airbus airliner from CDB

Photo courtesy of Airport Technology

Irish aircraft leasing company CDB Aviation is unleashing the power of two A330-300 aircraft into the hands of Thai Airways.

Scheduled for delivery in September and October this year, these A330-300 aircraft boast an impressive long-distance range of 6,350 nautical miles, positioning Thai Airways for unrivalled success, says the company.

Jie Chen, the mastermind behind the leasing deal and CEO of CDB Aviation, expressed the pivotal impact this move will have on Thai Airways.

“We are delighted to be welcoming Thai Airways to our growing Asian Pacific customer base.”

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These widebody wonders are set to fortify Thai Airways’ foothold across key intra-Asian markets, offering the extra capacity required to meet the surging travel demand during high seasons.

“The increased widebody fleet will strengthen the carrier’s position, providing the extra capacity needed to meet the high season and rising travel demand in many regions.”

Airbus reports that the A330-300 trumps its closest competitors with lower overall operating expenses per seat. With a seating capacity ranging from 250 to 440 passengers, this marvel aligns perfectly with the escalating passenger demands in the industry, reported Airport Technology.

Weight reductions, engine enhancements, and state-of-the-art navigation systems are just a glimpse of the modifications that make the A330-300 an aviation powerhouse.

“We’re continuing to see heightened demand from airlines amidst a tight supply of new and used aircraft, driven primarily by the need to meet growing passenger volumes.”

In related news, Thai Smile Airways threw a farewell party with passengers on the airline’s last flight before saying goodbye on December 31 and merging with Thai Airways (THAI). THAI embarked on a business rehabilitation plan in October of 2021, granting the airline a five-year timeline to enhance its operations.

The company underwent significant changes, including restructuring its business, downsizing its workforce, implementing cost-cutting measures, and striving to boost revenue.

In other news, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) and Thai Airways have sealed a deal to commercially handle ground services between them.

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